Important Information


We want your exploring to be a nice and a pleasant event.

So please take a moment to read this important information about our basic rental policies.



  • Rental is for 25 years and older, provide a valid driver license, and full auto insurance coverage.  We will ask for proof before your rental is confirmed.​  We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel any rental.


  • Read the rental agreement. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask and remember to sign the agreement.  We will also give you a map on what road(s) are allowed.  Be aware of towing charges, cleaning fee's when/if vehicle is misused. Some dirt roads will not be allowed for driving on, including Munro Trail.  There are conservation activities in certain areas and we wish to respect these efforts.  Other roads may not be wise based on road condition/weather.


  • Fill up gas after dropping off the vehicles. There is only one gas station in the town located at Lanai Avenue. Please make sure you fill up before you drop it off.


  • Protect the vehicle. Make sure not to get the sand in the interior.  The top of the vehicle should not be removed. No smoking in and around vehicle.  The jeeps are not marketed as convertable or soft top.  All vehicles are considered hard top, even if they are not literally a hard top.  We have the hard top policy as a means to protect guests, and vehicle interiors as best we can.


  • Weather in Lanai changes often. Some roads may be closed occasionaly  due to  safety reasons and the conditions of the roads. Please check the weather and call us ahead the rental if you have any concern.  Pay attention to the map given with all off road rentals, and use reasonable judgements.  


  • Before going to off roading, make sure to bring lots of water and food.  Some of the off roading will take you hours to explore so its better to be ready.  Also, be mindful on the time on the road to avoid being out in the dark. 


  • Do not drive or park on beaches.  The sand is loose and may cause the vehicle to get stuck and there may be also turtles, or other animals. 


  • No Camping.  Due to experience, we as a general policy will not rent to persons wanting to camp.  



  • Respect the landmarks, wildlife and archeological sites.  Make sure you will not litter or do vandalism on the area. Area are considered sacred.  Please bring with you your trash before you leave the area.


  • Watch out for animals (axis deer, cats, cows, dogs, mouflon sheeps, wild turkey, etc). They may cause serious damage to the vehicle in collisions.


  • Cancellations of a vehicle. There is a cancelltion fee of $25+HGET for any reasons.  Ask for reasonable exception.


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