Vehicles and Rates


Off Roading:


4 Door Jeep- $180/day seats up to 5 pax

2 Door Jeep- $145/day seats up to 4 pax



Pavement Road only (4 door): 


- $115/day seats up to 5 pax



Maui Cars (Lahaina area)

Honda Pilot-$70/day seats up to 8 pax

Ford Focus (compact)-$50/day seats 5 pax




  • Hawaii general excise tax of 4.166% (State of Hawaii) will be added on rental
  • Hawaii implemented road tax of $5/day and will be added on rental 
  • Overage of $12.50 per hour after a 24 hours rental, up to the first four hours before another full day is charged.
  • Accepts cash, check and major credit cards.  All rentals require credit card information in case of damages.






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