ABB Executive Rental LLC                                                        Welcomes you to Lana'i and Maui!


Lana'i is a unique getaway for your busy lifestyle and a home of natural beauty. 
With 30 miles of paved roads, each off road (dirt roads)
 requires 4x4 capable vehicles to visit the rest of the island. 

 Our executive commitment is to serve your needs as you explore and enjoy your stay in this beautiful island.  Built into our service is saving you time, with an efficient vehicle pick-up and drop-off.  
This has saved some clients as much as two hours of their day whether airport/harbor arrival(s)/departure(s).

Whether you are into the adventure of going off roading or plan to stay exclusively on paved roads,
we have a variety of vehicles to cater your needs. 
As a service to our Lana'i ohana we expanded to the Maui rental market.  
Our vehicles located in Lahaina make it easier to do your Maui errands and catch the ferry.  
When Lana'i residents do not need these vehicles, this has created opportunities for people on Maui
 to rent a reasonable priced vehicle on the West side of Maui.  

Mahalo for your support!




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