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Lana'i, (AKA) the Pineapple Island as it was formerly the largest pineapple plantation, is the sixth-largest and the smallest publicly inhabited island of the state of Hawaii.  Most of Lanai (98%) is privately owned and the remaining portions are federal, state, county and other private individuals. The main industry is tourism.  The only town is Lana'i City; has a plantation style design near the center of the island with a growing population base of over 3,000 residence.  Dole Park is in the center of town with a commercial base "stretching" from Sixth to Ninth streets.  You will want to enjoy the local art galleries, cultural center, eating establishments, grocery, retail, and one of the better theaters found in the state.  For your financial interests there are 2 banks (with an ATM) and a credit union.  For lodging there is a historic hotel that originated as a manager's overnight lodging during an early period of the pineapple plantation.  There are medical facilities including a pharmacy should you require these services.


Our 30 miles of paved roads consist of these three main arteries:  Manele Rd heading from town to the south portion; Kaumalapau Hwy going from town to the west side; and Keomoku Hwy leads from town to the north-east side of the island. Manele Rd allows you to find significant historic landmarks, a world class resort and golfing, a wonderful beach park and passenger harbor. Going westerly on Kaumalapau Hwy takes you past our one airport, near a feline "resort", to the Kaumalapau harbor.  This is where Lana'i receives supplies once a week from a commercial barge, and is a great local favorite for sunsets.  The Keomoku Hwy allows you to see one of the shipwrecks and explore two dirt roads with landmarks accesible by a vehicle with 4x4 capabilities.  On maps you may see Manele Rd and Kaumalapau Hwy refered to as 440.


The heart of Lana'i is the people.  Some recently discovered the special place and others have enjoyed the unique ambiance for generations.  People wave at strangers driving by, and give directions when asked.  They come to the aid of others who are in need as the Aloha spirit is alive.   


We invite and welcome you to visit Lana'i while encouraging you to enjoy this simple Island.  To arrive/depart Lana'i you will typically travel by commercial ferry from Maui, or commercial airline from Oahu.  There are some times each year where it will be a challenge to arrive/depart Lana'i -- mostly weather related.  All of the above is a part of the characteristics of Lana'i. 


Please zoom in on the map for basic information.  Do not rely on map for transportation.

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